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Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power systems are more efficient than large-scale municipal grids. We design a CHP solution that is perfectly sized for your business, and delivers both electricity and heat at a lower price than buying electricity from the grid and separately running boilers for hot water. You are in control of your energy, while still staying connected to the grid for back-up or additional energy needs.

Prior to installation, Berkshire does a detailed engineering study to design a system that matches your real energy needs (using your own energy profile data). This study maximizes your energy savings and recommends a CHP system that is ideally sized to your business. You can choose to have our CHP system provide 100% of your energy needs, or more typically, have our CHP system provide your base load energy needs (between 70% and 85% of total energy) while remaining connected to the grid for back-up and extra power supply. This gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your demand levels. If your demand levels increase further, we can add modules to your CHP system to give you additional power on-site to match your new needs.

CHP provides you with the most efficient delivery of both electricity and heat (for hot water and AC). We can design a solution that meets 100% of your energy needs, and allows you to disconnect completely from the local grid. However, we usually recommend a CHP solution that delivers between 70% and 85% of your electricity and heating needs (for the best operational efficiency), and that you stay connected to the local grid for the remaining 15% to 30%, for back-up and additional electricity during peak load times. Our detailed engineering study will show you the ideal combination, with the maximum savings, using your energy profile data.

Facilities Optimization

Electric motors, pump and compressors are the single biggest consumer of electricity in most plants and account for approximately 45% of your power consumption. But electrical resistance and aging equipment result in them burning more and more power for the same output. Our Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) solutions increase your equipments efficiencies, saves energy, and extends their lifecycle. In addition, our Voltage Conditioning Units (VCU) work in tandem with the PFC and IMC units to provide system-wide electrical protection for your facility, safeguarding your equipment from damaging electrical events and premature failures.

Traditionally, buildings run their ventilation and HVAC systems at full capacity through the day, in order to match their full-occupancy needs. This is inefficient. By strategically locating smart sensors throughout your facilty, your system can receive real-time information on current occupancy levels, moisture and humidity levels, inside/outside dew points, gas levels, and more so that your systems can automatically and intelligently adapt to time-of-use, various zone needs, comfort levels and efficiencies. This results in reduced energy consumption, automated control of your facility services, and reduced maintenance and downtime costs – as well as substantial savings.

Your facilities are typically only occupied for a portion of the day. Running your systems at full capacity throughout the day (to meet full-occupancy levels) is expensive and wasteful. Intelligent sensors allow you to automatically and programmatically run your systems to match real-time occupancy and comfort needs, reduce your energy demands and take advantage of time-of-use billing (if available). Reducing the operating hours of your systems also saves you on maintenance costs and extends the life of your systems.


There are no upfront costs or capital expenses for you. We design a plan that saves you money each and every year on your energy costs – starting from the very first month – and includes regular maintenance.

As part of the Berkshire Pathway, we do a detailed engineering study to design a system that matches your real energy needs (using your own energy and facility profile data). This study maximizes your energy savings and recommends a CHP or FOS system that is ideally suited to your business.

Berkshire looks after regular maintenance and provides remote monitoring to ensure your system is operating efficiently. This lets you focus on what you do best – running your business.