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Berkshire Solutions

What We Do

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Combined Heat & Power Solutions

Berkshire Power supplies electricity, heat and cooling on-site to reduce your utility expenses. Our combined heat and power (CHP) systems produce a highly secure and reliable source of electricity and heating, for your operations – with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for you.

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Facilities Optimization Solutions

Berkshire Power provides Facility Optimization (FOS) solutions that allow you to reduce your energy consumption, intelligently control your facility services, and increase your operational uptime resulting in substantial savings – with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for you.

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Did You Know

12% of all electricity consumed in the European Union is from CHP. That's equivalent to ALL the electricity consumed in Canada.
All commercial buildings must have outside air ventilation capacity. Intelligently controlling this air ventilation based on real-time occupancy can save you 10% to 50% on your energy costs.
Natural disasters and power outages are becoming more common. On-site cogeneration provides security, reliability and dependability over your energy service, and can save you up to 15% on your utility costs.


The Berkshire Process

How It Works

1. Feasibility Analysis

We perform a preliminary energy assessment to calculate feasibility and design

2. Site-specific proposal

We provide an initial proposal of energy savings and system recommendation

3. Study agreement execution

Agreement on timing, scope and expectations of on-site engineering study

Berkshire pathway and process of success

4. Detailed engineering study

We conduct an on-site engineering study for detailed savings and specifications

5. Energy services agreement

Agreement on project installation, commissioning and contract terms

6. Installation & commissioning

Deployment, setup and testing of intelligent power management system