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Berkshire Solutions

What We Do

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Facilities Optimization Solutions

Berkshire Power provides Facility Optimization (FOS) solutions that immediately reduce your energy consumption, protect and improve the efficiency of your facility, reduce your carbon emissions, and save you money – with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for you.

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Combined Heat & Power Solutions

Berkshire Power provides on-site electricity, heat and cooling (CHP) solutions that reduce your utility expenses, provide energy security and control, and save you money – with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for you.

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Did You Know

Over 85% of industrial electricity consumption is used by electric motors. Improving motor efficiency is the number one way to reduce consumption.
Scaling back your energy expenses can dramatically improve your bottom line and lead to increased profitability.
The majority of electric motors are inefficient and are wasting electricity. Improving the power factor rating can reduce your costs and reduce maintenance and downtime.


The Berkshire Process

How It Works

1. Feasibility Analysis

We perform a preliminary energy assessment to calculate feasibility and design

2. Site-specific proposal

We provide an initial proposal of energy savings and system recommendation

3. Study agreement execution

Agreement on timing, scope and expectations of on-site engineering study

Berkshire pathway and process of success

4. Detailed engineering study

We conduct an on-site engineering study for detailed savings and specifications

5. Energy services agreement

Agreement on project installation, commissioning and contract terms

6. Installation & commissioning

Deployment, setup and testing of intelligent power management system